How important is Account Profiling in B2B Lead Generation?

Imagine that you have a thorough understanding of your target accounts, which can give you a competitive advantage in marketing and sales. They help you prioritize calls, create personalized messages that attract attention, encourage decision-makers to consider your products, shorten the sales cycle, and close the sale.

Sounds like your sales graph knocking every point towards the peak, right?

There is a big difference between a potential business and a venture that is out of business. Generally, accurate account profiling can fill the gap most effectively and robust your sales which come with an added benefit of knowing which track to look for and where to hunt. The B2B account profiling provides decision-making information for effective communication and tailored solutions that lead to higher and more dynamic conversions for your investment, as well as efforts.

Most strategic accounts are the double-edged swords and it has been seen that these key accounts hold a huge margin in terms of revenue. Leaving these gemstones unturned might turn them into a fallow stone and can be overlooked in spite of considering it as stepping stone for your business objectives.

Obtaining in-depth details of the key accounts is strategically driven by B2B marketing campaigns. And this has a direct link to account-based marketing (ABM). As the adoption of ABM (account-based marketing) has been accelerating since last some years and with its deep penetration in marketing funnel specifically in prospect profiling, it is predicted to have a transformative impact on the B2B sales and marketing.

What can be missed if your process isn’t efficient enough?

Account profiling is the process of acquiring every succinct intel of the target accounts that help in customize and personalize the campaigns. And if things don’t go well, it brings some serious consequences related to sales of the company.

Account profiling help you in,
  • Engaging with a potential client that suites best for your service offerings
  • Analyzing their long list of collaborated vendors and suppliers
  • Providing POCs and decision-makers who are perfect to pitch you proposals
  • Buying patterns, business & financial activities, and recent news
If you don't know what you're dealing with, you can venture into a maze and wander aimlessly until you reach a dead end. But the account profile offers a master card to crack the maze. It decrypts the people involved in the decision, their role and the problems they face.

If the process makes you twirled in the logic and strategies and still leaves you nowhere in the process of onboarding clients. Consider some of the account profiling services which assist in running prospect profiling.


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